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Proffesional Recording Suite

Standard fee for recording is £30 per hour - for this rate you will get a producer and sound engineer plus studio hire, there are deals to be done though, so if you'd like to propose something different, try me!

IThe live room has a nice controlled sound and is all hooked up to a 24 channel digital mixing desk. We can record a large live band or a band with a large drum kit and mics, as we have 30 inputs available for live recording and a seperate soundproofed vocal booth.

There's plenty of space and seating (if required) to make sure you're as relaxed and comfortable as possible to get the most out of your playing, either as a band or individually.

We’re more than happy to work at the pace you choose: If you want to record a quick demo track in 3-4 hours, that's fine; if you'd prefer to make a day of it and really fine tune the arrangement, no problem; if you have the budget and would like to block book, let's talk!

Band Practice/Tuition Area

Standard fee for rehearsals is £10 per hour.

You'll be rehearsing in the large 30 sq. m. live room, big enough for 6-8 people...assuming you're not all pianists!

There's a load of gear included in the hire charge, (amps, fx pedals, keyboard), in place and ready to go at all times, so you won't have to bring too much with you to be able to rehearse...

The studio  is constantly maintained but in the unfortunate event that something stops working, there's always an engineer available to get you going again.

There is also a digital radio station broadcast from the premises. Arrangements can be made for a live broadcast  (alike to Radio1 live lounge) to take place, if you want to reach a wider audience, to hear your music and offer comments